Long term vision, commitment, values and a full range of corporate support activities for all divisions and businesses

Our History and Culture

A combination of values, strong commitment of the ownership, long-term vision and creation of value.

Highly talented and experienced top management with solid tenure, across all divisions and business lines, leading with a clear strategic vision and fair governance.

Human Resources

Clearly articulated Talent Strategy drives intelligent hiring and development decisions, based on metrics, facts and evidence. This makes WerfenLife an ideal place for career growth.

Robust team working cooperatively with business leaders to execute and integrate acquisitions, as well as managing risk and capital.

Information System and Services

Relentless customer focus offering best-in-class solutions executed in close partnership with the business.

Strives to achieve the highest standards of ISO norms, best practices and local and international accreditations based in regulations such as the US FDA and the CE Mark.

Audit and Compliance
Drivers of quality and ethical behaviors in everything we do and how we do it.

Legal and Tax

Tight coordination of the legal and tax aspects of all our activities.

Leverage our global presence and high level of expertise to provide optimal supply, thus providing top customer service.

Planning and Control

Fundamental support and enabler for the achievement of business objectives.

Shared Services
Leverage our global reach to manage support activities efficiently and effectively whilst improving our customer support.

Image and Communication
Clear, transparent and timely information is a true driver of trust and engagement at all levels.

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We build upon decades of experience to create meaningful innovation to help overcome the challenges of Healthcare and Life Science today.

R&D, manufacturing, marketing and supply of the highest quality products and services.

In-depth knowledge and understanding of customer’s needs, challenges and environment.

Recruitment, engagement, development and recognition of the best talent.

With passion and dedication to innovation and technology.

WerfenLife’s Mission

To improve the quality of patient care and human well-being by providing customer-driven, innovative solutions to the Healthcare, Research and Life Sciences.

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