WerfenLife is a global corporation consisting of leading R&D, manufacturing and distribution companies. The following corporate services exist to ensure synergies are maximized and best practices are shared throughout the organization.

The talented leaders who define our strategy and push us toward our ultimate goal of enhancing patient care and human well-being.

Human Resources
The strategists who strive toward intelligent hiring and ensure our talented people are taken care of from “hire to retire”.

The business partners who keep us on track with our strategy on revenues and spending.

Information Systems and Services
The developers of the highest quality IT solutions that help us work in an efficient and secure way.

Clinical Software
The specialists who help enhance the quality of patient care and facilitate information management in hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare facilities.

The regulators who go the extra mile to reach the highest quality standards, making sure we deliver only the best.

Audit and Compliance
The drivers of ethical behavior who make sure we do not just comply with rules, policies and regulations but take a step beyond.

Legal and Tax
The experts who help us protect our interests and accomplish our goals.

The architects behind the efficient movement of our goods who make sure we always keep our customers satisfied.

The trackers of our performance who help us reach our objectives and plan ahead.

Image and Communication
The brand ambassadors who identify our key messages and help communicate them both internally and externally.




Honesty & Humility, Respect for People

We always live up to our words. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We are direct and straightforward and we deliver according to the expectations we have generated, allowing us to build trust and credibility among our customers and stakeholders.


Teamwork, Innovation

We are dedicated to solid leadership and collaborative teamwork that allows us to carry out the strategy and the mission of our company in a purposeful way. We continue to invest in innovation as it is the catalyst for the growth and success of our business and the key to our competitive advantage.


Quality & Excellence, Customer Focus

We are thoroughly committed to accomplishing our mission and strategic long term goals. We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations and going the extra mile that sets us apart from others. 

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of patient care and human well-being.